成立于1915年, 迈阿密海滩是迈阿密戴德县的一个城市, 佛罗里达, located on a barrier island between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the former of which separates 迈阿密海滩 from the mainland city of Miami. 迈阿密海滩以其美丽的海滩而闻名, 这就是为什么它会出现在美国最佳海滩名单上的原因, 但迈阿密海滩提供的不仅仅是阳光下的乐趣. 迈阿密海滩提供了一个复杂的艺术水平, 文化, 设计与烹饪, 和plemented by upscale shopping and an eclectic variety of entertainment. 迈阿密海滩 has rightfully earned its place on the world stage as one of the top cities around the world.

迈阿密海滩 is one of the most desirable destinations in the world to own a luxury condo or waterfront estate. It is known for its remarkable white sand beaches bordering the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, boasts a rich history and for decades has been the world’s elite playground attracting socialites, 富人和名人, 名人, 政要, 总统, 艺人, 艺术爱好者, 太阳崇拜者, 购物狂和来自世界各地的游客. 想象一下,每天回到家,享受一个度假式的度假. 迈阿密海滩是一个拥有一切的热带天堂.



The most popular area of 迈阿密海滩 for entertainment is 南海滩, 也被称为SoBe, which is a vibrant neighborhood located at the southern end of the coastal city roughly between 1st and 23rd Street. 南海滩以其时尚商店而闻名于世, 白沙滩上充满阳光的日间活动, 沿着海洋大道露天用餐, 著名的装饰艺术建筑设计, 美食和令人兴奋的夜生活.


迈阿密海滩的第五大道南飞地, 或《365app》报告, is a small affluent neighborhood situated on the southern tip of 迈阿密海滩 that begins at South Pointe Park and covers north to 5th Street, 从东到西. 被大西洋包围, 比斯坎湾和政府削减, 第五大道以南 is known as an exclusive tropical paradise where you can both relax and have easy access to all of the exciting watersports and activities that South 佛罗里达 is so celebrated for. 作为迈阿密海滩最高档的社区之一, it should be no surprise that SoFi is home to some of the most luxe condo towers in all of South 佛罗里达 and is truly an ideal place to call home. A few of the ultra-high-end luxury condos in 第五大道以南 include Continuum 南海滩, 远地点南海滩, 321年海洋, 一个海洋, 波托菲诺的大穆拉诺, 海洋大厦和新建的玻璃大厦.


《365app手机版下载》是独家的, 在美丽的人工岛, 比斯坎湾碧绿的海水, 位于迈阿密海滩的南部, 位于威尼斯群岛南部, 棕榈岛和芙蓉岛以东. 只有走大桥路才能到达, 与麦克阿瑟堤道相连, 哪条路能把你带到大陆. 它位于南方, you are only a short drive away from the lively 南海滩 area with its sizzling nightlife, 以及迈阿密市中心的美国航空球馆, 这里是2012年和2013年世界冠军的主场, 迈阿密热火队.

星岛令人印象深刻, 滨水住宅, 用所有的奢侈品来衬托它的辉煌和美丽. 作为比斯坎湾水生保护区的一部分, 明星岛 is a floating jewel of architectural masterpieces on a tropical island in one of the most premier locations of South 佛罗里达, 这个世界. 因此, it should be no surporse that 明星岛 is famous for the wealthy residents it attracts, 过去和现在, 其中很多都是名人, 电影明星和商界的超级精英, 体育明星, 艺术家和演艺人员. These headliners include our very own Latin music sensation Gloria Estefan, 麦当娜, 约翰逊不, 吹牛老爹老爹, 史泰龙, 莱尼Kravitz, 威尔史密斯, Rosie O ' donnell, 还有沙奎尔·奥尼尔.


Indian Creek is an exclusive 300-acre island located on the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay, 被公认为最富有的人之一, 私人, 迈阿密海滩最安全的住宅区, 这个世界. The high level of privacy and security is the highest priority to the residents of 印第安溪岛 and maintained by having a State of 佛罗里达 police force, as well as its own 24/7-armed marine patrol monitoring the waters surrounding the island.

It is not un和mon for 印第安溪岛 to make real estate headlines with 富人和名人 residents who make it their home. 其中包括歌手胡里奥·伊格莱西亚斯, 谁拥有岛上的多块土地, Superbowl MVP Tom Brady and his Victoria’s Secret model wife Gisele Bündchen, 迈阿密海豚队前足球教练唐·舒拉, 亿万富翁投资人卡尔·伊坎, 维密超模阿德里安娜·利马, billionaire developer and owner of the famed Fontainebleau Hotel Jeffrey Soffer, billionaire art collector and car dealership mogul Norman Braman and Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, 仅举几个例子.

2012年8月, Forbes Magazine featured 3 Indian Creek when it traded at $47M, the then most expensive home sale in the history of Miami-Dade County.


北湾道 is a prestigious residential neighborhood that runs north and south along the western side of 迈阿密海滩, 就在南海滩以北几英里处, and is one of the wealthiest 和munities in all of South 佛罗里达, displaying exquisite waterfront mansions and magnificent inland estate homes. 虽然北湾路不是一个封闭的社区, it is a very affluent neighborhood often 和pared to the same status as living on Park Avenue in Manhattan or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 事实上, this famous street has been home to many notable 名人 Matt Damon, 比利·乔, 韦德, 詹妮弗•洛佩兹, 夏奇拉, 汤米·希尔费格和好莱坞导演, 迈克尔·贝.


Our 迈阿密海滩365app公司 database is dedicated to real estate for sale in 迈阿密海滩,佛罗里达州. 每天更新, our database is an invaluable tool that allows you to view all of the available properties currently listed for sale in 迈阿密海滩 including luxury condos, 迷人的内陆住宅, 封闭的庄园和豪华的海滨豪宅.





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